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“Shaping the vision of the students” The library & information Center has one of the finest collections. Situated in an easily accessible place, it covers 150 sq. ft. and occupies two sections of the references/lending section.


Initiate, enhance and improve the library service. To support the instructional information research and curriculum needs to the staff through effective and up to date collection development. To save the time of the user by making easy reference service.

Library Details

Total area

154.23 Sq.mt

No. of Books Volumes


No. of Titles


Total Book Cost


No. of Journals

National =09

International = 01

Total = 10

Total Cost:56,880.00 Rs.

No. of e -Journals


Total =1,04,505.20 Rs.

Total Cost

4,01,646.20 Rs

Facility and Service

• Capacity 100 Students use library at a time for Reading.
  • • Reference Collection
  • • New Arrivals
  • • Paper Clipping Facility
  • • Resource Sharing with other Libraries
  • • Old Question Paper Bank
  • • Collection of model answer papers
  • • Xerox Service
  • • Book Bank Facilities for SC,ST students
  • • Book Bank Facilities for Other students
  • • Language Laboratory Facilities
  • • Daily one Book Issue Service
  • • Three books issue for 15 days on students account
  • • Eight newspapers are available for students & staff.
  • • P C,s are available for net surfing
  • • E Books are available.
  • • E Journals are available.

E- Resources




Home Issue

3 books for 15 days

Book bank for students










Total Book


Library Rules

1. Readers should produce their Identity cards at the entrance of the library.
  • 2. Library membership cards are nontransferable.
  • 3.Use of Mobile phones Strictly Prohibited in the Library premises. Silence is to be maintained in the Library.
  • 4. Readers are not allow to bring belongings like bags, umbrellas etc. inside the Library. Such materials should be kept in the bags, Racks at their own risks. Students are advise not to leave their precious & valuable items like Money, Passport, Credit cards, Aadhar cards, Pan cards etc. in the Library.
  • 5. Only three books for 15 days will be issued to the students.
  • 6. Readers should regularly return/renew their books every fifteen days Otherwise fine of Rs 10/- per day per book will be charged.
  • 7. If any book lost by student the He/She must return new book with same edition /latest edition.If it is not possible then student must pay double cost of that book.
  • 8. Readers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of books before borrowing it. To write down any kind for remarks , underlining or any sort of disfigurement in the books is not allowed. Any kind of damage of library book is will be chargeable offence.
  • 9. Reference books and magazines will not be issued out of the library.
  • 10. Library can recall any issued books even before the due date.
  • 11. Reservation of seats in the reading room is not permitted.
  • 12. Books and other articles left for any length of time on chaise and tables may be removed by the library staff.
  • 13.Do not tear any part of Newspaper or its supplement.
  • 14. If readers are found violating library rules disciplinary action shall be taken by authorities.

Library Location

Library is located on the First floor of the college building. The built up area of the library is 154.23 sq. mt. The reading hall accommodates 30 students at a time. Library has conducive atmosphere, adequately lighted infrastructure for reading. It consists of reading hall, journal section, reference section, circulation section, Stack section. It also consists of dedicated Research section, Reference Books.

Library Faculty

1.Mrs. Gite Smita V
B.Sc.(chemistry),D.C.S.,L.T.C.,B. Lib. & I. Sci.
( Librarian)

2.Mrs. Kale Suvarna S.
( Lib. Attendant)
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